One of the best Indibloggers meet- #flipkartoutdoors.

Gadgets, bloggers and more...

What's more fun than a bunch of bloggers and trendy gadgets being outdoors?
This indiblogger meet on Feb 20 2016 at the Mango mist resorts made up to being one of the best meets I feel. Their arrangements were awesome like always. This being the first meet of the year, I was sure to attend this.
Most of the bloggers reached the pick up point on time to avail the bus facility. It was fun to see the bloggers with full energy & excitement, ready to have a blast. Its pretty interesting to know the faces behind the beautiful blogs we come across each day.
We were now heading towards the resort. The journey was awesome with introductions & chats with the fellow bloggers. Snacks in the bus and a wonderful breakfast spread, soon after we reached the resort, & awesome lunch, played their roles in keep us up energetic throughout the way.
Our day began with a brief introduction of the full day activities by the indiblogger team, the indi-style warm-up, and a sneakpeak of gadgets.

The brands with us that day were :
  • Coleman
  • Polaroid lens
  • Samsung gear
  • Sony actionCam
  • Altec lansing
  • Redchief shoes
  • Garmin
We were allowed to personally use this gadgets full day to enhance our experiences with them.
Each brand gave a intro of their products and also showed us how to handle them before handing over to us. The products include proper accessories that we can use in our outdoor activities to enchance our experiences and add value.

Let me take you to the brands tour we had along with us that day.

Coleman -
Coleman had all the products needed for outdoor activities. It works with the motto to make your outdoor experiences more comfortable, exciting & fun-filled.
It had different products ranging from tents, folding chairs, water & food carriers, sleeping bags, bottles, compass & also a portable potty seat. 

Polaroid -
Polaroid cube is one of the gadgets I would always prefer to carry outdoors to capture those awesome moments. Its small in size, very light in weight, and also easy to use. Hence making it easier to be carried anywhere. It records full HD videos and supports micro SD slot upto 32GB. It also comes with a waterproof case, monkey stand, tripod mount, helmet mount, bicycle mount or even a strap mount. It also has a magnetic feature so that you can mount it on the top of your car. 
I had captured the under-water movements of the fishes while enjoying the fish spa in the resort. But very sadly, I don't have that video with me currently to upload here.
Polaroid snap too was on display. I loved the way it immediately gives you the print copy of the snap taken. Their next version being released in a few days would be more interesting as it allows you to take multiple snaps.

Samsung Gear -
Samsung had the smart watches. These are the best android wears for techies, fitness addicts or even outdoorsies. They are wifi enabled and has impressive touch screen with superb phone sync. It can record your calories and other parameters. They are beautiful with  good color display and also battery which lasts for 48 hours.

Sony -
Sony actionCam is supposed to be the next generation of DSLRs. They can be used for all types of shooting including the wildlife and under-waters. They are much easier to carry than our current DSLRs. They are even feasible with all types of lens.

Altac Lansing -
This is what all of us would definitely love. The bluetooth speakers, various headphones and water-proof earphones are sure to amaze you. They even have a great battery backup and are reasonably priced.

Redchief -
I think this is the first brand which I have heard of to make the bio-degradable shoes. This brand has shoes best fit for any outdoor activity. The designs are more on a casual note & they mainly have collection for men.

Garmin -
It provides the best bands for all fitness freaks to record their activities. It is GPS enabled so I felt a little difficulty in monitoring my activities when the GPS signal would go down.

Getting back to our experience, the resort had numerous activities like rock climbing, land zorbing, fish spa, paint ball, mango shooting, archery, bamboo walking, burma bridge etc. The food was decent but with multiple options. The mocktails were superb though. All the activities kept us busy all day long. 
Mango mist resort is a good place for a change. Nice ambience, well managed, decent food, loads of activities and variety of accomodations.
The day ended with prizes being given by the indiblogger team for the best tweets , fastest rock climbers and also the winning teams of the paint ball. Although I couldn't manage to get even a single  prize :(  but I really had a very good day. It was indeed a fun-filled experience.
A heartiest thanks to the Indiblogger team, flipkart and mango mist resort for making this a great day. Also a big thanks to all my fellow bloggers that day for making each moment cherishable.
Looking forward to more such amazing events and a blasting day with new friends in each meet.

Burma Bridge


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